Get out of the work routine!
The world has changed. It brings with it fears and insecurities, both at work and in private life.

Because the two are closely linked. If these issues are no longer separable, a stress spiral begins. It affects well-being, health and thus concentration and performance. The joy is lost, the carousel of thoughts turns day and night. The result: you just function.

This is a red flag for any of us who find ourselves in this description!

Our VIP coaching is our “intensive reset week”.
Get away from it all in sunny Turkey.

All the contents of the coaching sessions are combined here with tranquility, pleasure, exclusivity and we set your personal rhythm to “reset”. After this week you will feel like you have been redefined, suddenly possibilities will become visible that you didn’t even think were possible before.

With High Class Beauty Treatments for your youthfulness we care for your mental and physical well-being.

The BodySoul ME-TIME is for all those who have to accomplish a lot, find themselves, want to change something, but have little time.

Also available as a 7-day programme at the ME-TIME Guesthouse.
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